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Photo submitted by Robert Berbeck

HMCS Qu'Appelle ship's company, 1968.

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This photo was taken in Manila in May, 1968.

In May, 2012 Al Malcomson kindly provided many names and details. I am in complete awe of Al's memory, and I've included his comments mostly unchanged. In Nov. 2012 David Primeau contributed several names and comments which I've marked "-DP". If you move your cursor over the faces of the men, the names of each one identified will appear in a frame.

Above the Fourth Row: Straddling the left gun barrel is LSBN Howie KOLSON who went on to be a Chief and is still living in Victoria today. On the other barrel is LSSN JONES. Sitting on the right of him with his arm resting on his knee is LSSN Tom SCOTT. Tom went on to get his commission but died at a very young age. Standing dead center above them with his hands folded in front is ABSN Terry CARPENTER also known as Carps. He was from Silver Ridge near Hope and a barrel of laughs to mess with. Carps married and got out of the navy, no idea where he is now. To the right of him two over with his bonnet at a jaunty angle is Larry ZILINSKY aka Zip who was just an acers messmate and pal. He lives in the Saanich area and drove a milk truck for years for Island Farms after he left the RCN.

Fourth Row, L to R: Unknown; Unknown; ABSN Billy KLAUS (a big sonarman and a great messmate); ABWU Ian FARRELL (Ian was a likeable guy whose greatest downfall was his chronic seasickness. He would get sick as soon as we slipped the head rope and would live on soda crackers and raw potatoes. I heard he joined a fire department up in Duncan); ABWS Don HENDERSON (Don did five and got out and I saw him managing a MacDonalds in Nanaimo years later); LSRP Larry LUTZ (Larry was a single bloke who was a great pal and loved his Baccardi White, he ended up as a Commissionaire at Bay St. Armory for a spell); Unknown; LSBN Don BOUGHTON (the senior hand of 8 mess and a great guy all round, he went on to be a Chief and was living in Nanaimo for years but recently moved back to Victoria); Unknown; LSBN Donny BOTA (another great guy who was a tiptop seaman and athlete, he later was my sailing master on HMCS Oriole and we referred to him as "the Smiling Budda", Don passed away in Victoria about a year ago, he had been a commissionaire out at Albert Head for some time); P2WS FERGUSON (peeping in from behind); ABHT Jim DOOLEY (a red head, freckled kid easy to get along with); ABWS Les ROURKE (a good pal of mine who was in my division in Cornwallis. Les later remustered to Clearance Diver and was an instructor at Colwood Diving Unit for many years); ABWS Dennis CRADDOCK (holding the Kisbee); ABFC Al MALCOMSON; LSVS Brian WADDELL (the Beast as we called him who was possessed of enormous strength, he is gone now, lived in Colwood for years. An avid fisherman); Unknown; ABWU Werner SCHWAN (Werner went on to be a chief and is still living in the Victoria area); LSER Gordie CAMPBELL; LSER Terry JORDAN; ABWS Mike PASCOE (with arms folded); Unknown; Unknown; LSSG Harry RUPPELL (Harry retired from the outfit and was a dispatcher for the RCMP at Colwood for years); Unknown; Unknown; LSER Nasty NORTON (Nasty usually wore a beard and one time he shaved it off and we did not know who he was. He had an interest in Jr. hockey and I had the pleasure of seeing him at a game at Pearkes arena about fifteen years ago. I learned from his son that he passed away from cancer about three years ago); Unknown; LSER KELLY; ABSW Dale FERGUSON (wearing glasses, simply known as Fergie, a steward of the highest order. He was famous for his rum and chocolate milkshakes); ABSW Gayle OHMAN (Fergie's side-kick, a great guy); Unknown.

Third Row, L. to R.: P1SN CAMPBELL-HOPE (he also was a good scriber and could do fancy writing on certificates such as crossing the line documents. Nicknamed in RCN fashion "Campbell Soup"; P2WU Ed DURDLE; C2ERA Harry JONES (beloved by all, suffered from ill health a lot); LSER MacDONALD? (ERA's writer, Mac lived onboard and was a single fella); P2BN Art ROSTEK (Art was my focsle PO and a great guy to work for, he lives in Saanichton not far from the Peninsula arena); P2ER Stan FLORCHUK (Stan was a great athlete and ball player, alas he died of cancer at the old Naden hospital about two or three years after this photo was taken); Unknown; P2ER Ralph SHAURES.

Second Row, L. to R.: LSBN Lionel STEPHENSON (Stephie passed away about two years ago and I was able to pass this photo on to his wife who had few photos of him in his RCN years . . . a great guy; Unknown bosun; Unknown; Capt. ROBINSON (Royal Canadian Army Signal Corps officer. What he was doing on board, who knows? -DP); P2 Sig Russ McCLELLAND; C2ERA Lou PERRESINI (Lou lives in Victoria still and I communicate with him often . . . an acers guy); P2 Steward Tiger PALMER (he was the chief steward); Unknown; LSER ANDREWS (? I think); CPO2 SN Frank PAULSEN (he was the Coxn); Unknown; CERA WARD (sunglasses . . . he was a highly intelligent man who was often seen in the lower spaces with a white boiler suit on. I believe he was originally a ticketed apprentice and rose rapidly through the ranks); CPO2 RP DAVIDGE (the head of the RP department and also a qualified ships diver); Chief STIPKILA the yeoman of Signals; Unknown (the last PO with the glasses was our head admin writer but I forget his name); P1ER Moose HARGRAVES (Moose was well known to us all as the Santa Claus on the Gate vessels after he retired, this picture of him is unique in that he usually sported a beard. He is gone now but well remembered by many of us); S/Lt. CRONK (my DO and a highly successful officer who went on to command his own ship as I recall); P1WS George SEARS (George retired and took a commission as a reserve officer. He attended my graduation as a Mountie in 1977 at Regina. A good friend and an old vet); Unknown; Unknown; C2WS George TATTON (head of the weapons surface branch, he was a kipper and may have served in the RN at one time.) P1WU Doc DOCKSTEADER (Doc was a favorite of all us young uns and he is living in retired splendor in Ladysmith BC where he is often seen walking on the main drag for his constitutional); P1RP Hamish McTAVISH, he had a Scottish background); Unknown; P1ET Bob HAMMOND, head of the electrical department and a great guy to all, Hammy often attends the Qualicum Beach Navy Days and is still going strong; S/Lt. Buck MADDEN (assistant EO. He left the Navy after about 22 years as a Cdr having been EO on a couple of ships including one of the 280s. -DP); Unknown; ABRP Terry Biccum (now lives near Creston BC); Unknown; Unknown.

Front Row, L. to R.: Lt. Ron COPLEY (navigator, went on to be a Lcdr and passed away some years ago); Lt. Jim BOYD (assistant WO under Frank Hope and went on to be WO in Saguenay then the CSE in Iroquois. He retired as a LCdr. -DP); Lt Clarke GUDGEON (EO); Lt. DICKIE (supply bob); Lt. Frank HOPE (bearded, Weapons Officer, English by birth and a true gentleman. He would often lead us in a rousing tune of "O Why Are We Waiting". He went on to be a four ringer as I recall); Lcdr STEEL (XO, an acers officer in all respects and a true leader, he stammered a little which gave us fits of laughter but we sure respected him for his kindness and even spirit); Commander Richard RADCLIFFE (an excellent CO who was apparently the navigator on the Maggie back in the good old days); Lcdr Gaston GODBOUT (deck officer who sometimes substituted for the XO if he was away on leave or course, passed away in Victoria about two years ago); Lt. BALFOUR (Operations Officer who did his training as a cadet in England. He was a very senior Lt. and eventually went on to get his third and a ship of his own); S/Lt. JOHNSON (divisional officer for comm rates); S/Lt. David PRIMEAU (a junior watchkeeping officer and DO of the Supply Branch junior ratings. He retired as a Cdr in 1985 having been SyO of Saskatchewan and Iroquois. He is still connected with the navy and is currently (2012) president of the RCN Benevolent Fund. -DP).


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