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Photos from the collection of Edmund Ferris.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Pictou.

August, 2018: An email from Bram Risseeuw says: " The photo of HMS Primula (K14) labelled as mis-identified HMCS Pictou (K146) is not mis-identified but it is the HMCS Pictou. The white 6 of 146 was most probably made black on the original. Another (port side) photo of the HMCS Pictou (K146) is on page 108 of the book "Corvettes of the Royal Canadian Navy 1939-1945." HMS Primula was also a Flower Class corvette but served most of her time in the Mediterranean and was one of the few re-armed with a 12 pdr as main armament. Also still had the short fo'c'sle. "

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Pictou

HMCS Pictou, unknown location. The ship has the hull number of HMS Primula (K14). The two ships were almost identical except for their hull numbers. Was this photo taken from HMCS Cobalt?

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Pictou

HMCS Pictou, as above, but for some reason painted with the hull number of HMS Primula.

Many thanks to Robert Ferris for sending me these photos from the collection of his father, Edmund Ferris.

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