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Damage Caused by the Halifax Explosion, 1917

A partial quote from the Wikipedia entry for the Halifax Explosion reads: " . . . . on the morning of December 6, 1917, SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship fully loaded with wartime explosives, was involved in a collision with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin. Approx­imately twenty minutes later, a fire on board the French ship ignited her explosive cargo, causing a cata­clysmic explosion that devastated the Richmond District of Halifax. Approx­imately 2,000 people were killed by debris, fires, and collapsed buildings, and it is estimated that nearly 9,000 others were injured. The blast was the largest man-made explosion prior to the development of nuclear weapons, with an equivalent force of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT. "

Damage from Halifax Explosion

Damage from Halifax Explosion.

Damage from Halifax Explosion

Damage from Halifax Explosion. This looks like the remains of a truck.

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