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One Photo Submitted by Ken Johnson.
Three Photos by Ken Hodgkin.

HMCS Ontario, Ship's Badge, 1945.

HMCS Ontario, Ship's Badge, 1945.

HMCS Ontario ship's badge during World War 2.

HMCS Ontario, Ship's Pennant.

Russell Hodgkin, whose father served on the same voyage, emailed me in part: ". . . . the ship's emblem with the bear WAS the official emblem for the Ontario, during her maiden voyage and wartime service. The trillium became her emblem when she became a training vessel. "

HMCS Ontario, Ship's Pennant.

This is an enlargement of the crest on the pennant above.
The pennant shown above and the crest shown below were owned by Russell Hodgkin's father. He says that the pennant measures 22-3/4 inches from the edge of the yellow to the tip of the green. The green is 6-1/2 inches top to bottom, where it meets the yellow.

HMCS Ontario, Ship's Badge.

This badge was previously mounted on the cover of an album of HMCS Ontario photos, belonging to Russell Hodgkin's father. The crest measures 6-1/4 inches top to bottom, and 5-1/2 inches at the widest spot under the white ensign.

HMCS Ontario ship's badge

Post-WW2 Official HMCS Ontario badge.

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