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Ken Lloyd

Ken Lloyd joined the RCN in 1952, and was in Ottawa Division during basic training at HMCS Corn­wallis. He served in Korea then stayed in the Navy as a reservist after his first stint, retiring at the compulsory retirement age of 55 with the rank of C1BN4. He was a long-time member of HMCS Discovery and was Cox'n from 1980 to 1985. He died in Van­couver on August 27, 2010, from Alzheimer's, age 75 years. Ken's photos are courtesy of Robert Berbeck. Ken was able to give only limited infor­mation about these photos before he passed. Some are official RCN photos, but others taken in the 1940's and 1950's, may be originals. However, it is not known who took them.

thumbnail CPO1 Ken Lloyd at HMCS Discovery. Four photos taken in the 1980's. Surnames: Gamble, Lloyd, McRossan, Munro, Taggart. thumbnail HMCS Cornwallis, 1952. Ottawa Division, June 30 to Nov. 8, 1952. Formal division photo­graph, 62 men, all are ident­ified. thumbnail HMCS Cornwallis inspec­tion, 1952. Rear-Admiral Rollo Mainguy inspects Ottawa Division's block. thumbnail HMCS Cayuga, Pearl Harbour, 1953. The ship's company at ceremonial divisions. thumbnail Three HMCS Discovery crew members. Possibly a recruitment photo. Men are unknown. thumbnail HMCS Provider I before 1946. This is the first HMCS Provider – it was sold to Peru in 1946. thumbnail HMCS Sioux at sea, 1953. Photo taken from HMCS Cayuga off Korea. thumbnail HMCS Athabaskan II at sea, 1950's. Photo probably taken mid- to late 1950's. HMCS Athabaskan I was sunk in 1944. thumbnail HMCS Ontario at sea, 1953. Photo taken from HMCS Cayuga in the Straits of Juan de Fuca. thumbnail HMCS Discovery Crew, 1973. Surnames so far: Blatherwick, Brown, Cepletis, Chan, Crewe, Docherty, Dunn, Fournier, Fowler, Fox, Garrick, Gosslin, Grim­mer, Hamilton, Hin­shaw, Larson, Living­stone, Lloyd, Love­rock, Mackay, McKinnell, Munro, Murry, Olm­stead, Paul, Payne, Pollard, Reddecop, Roots, Roth, Spielman, Suther­land, Tag­gart, Thorn­ton, Wallace. thumbnail Crew of HMCS Chilliwack, 1941-42. An official photo, probably taken at the ship's com­mis­sioning. T/Lt(N) Leslie Lewendon Foxall, RCNR is the only one identified. There is also a link to an enlarged version. thumbnail HMS Prince of Wales, 1941. Church service in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, during the Atlantic Charter Conference, 10-12 August, 1941.

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