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Daniel MacNeill

Iain MacNeill says this about his father: " My father, Daniel Morgan MacNeill (V46139) . . . was a Big Band musician prior to the war. He attempted enlistment at several locations in 1940 (Vancouver) and in 1941 (Edmonton) but was denied on account of his age -- 27 years being considered too old. He was finally accepted for enlistment in August 1942 at Chippawa Recruitment Centre in Winnipeg at 29, when the recruitment standards were relaxed. As it turned out he really was as good as he said he was -- he had skills the Navy couldn't teach. He never abused his recruits and was a very competent, confident man with an innate ability to inspire and motivate people leading by example. He was a good guy to have on your side when it counted most. "

He was promoted immediately to Leading Seaman at HMCS York where he was tasked with training recruits. Starting in late 1944, he served on the HMCS Swansea until the end of the war.

Several photos were obtained by Iain from the Buscombe family collection -- LS Howard Buscombe and Daniel Morgan MacNeill were instructors together at HMCS York and remained fast friends during the war. Section revised November 27, 2017.

thumbnail Before the Navy. Two photos -- one of the Russ Russell Band and one of the Marsh Phimister Band, with Daniel Morgan MacNeill as a member. thumbnail HMCS Chippawa, Winnipeg, 1942. Ship's company assembled in the Winnipeg Winter Palace. There seems to be about 200 officers and men. thumbnail HMCS York : "E" Class, 1943. Photo of 31 recruits plus an LS and an officer. LS Daniel Morgan MacNeill is 2nd in command and is the only one identified. thumbnail HMCS York, Fraser Division, 1943. Photo of 30 recruits plus LS Daniel Morgan MacNeill, who is the only one identified. thumbnail HMCS York, Misc. Photos, 1943 & 1944. Three photos. Surnames are MacNeill, Webber. thumbnail HMCS York : "W" Div., R.A. Course, 1943. Photo of 27 recruits plus LS Howard Buscombe, who is the only one identified. thumbnail HMCS York, Naval Field Gun Crew, 1943. Surnames: Andrews, Belcher, Borrows, Buscombe, Clarke, Copeland, Gray, Heintzman, Knight, Long, MacNeill, Marshall, McMahon, Mulvihill, North, Ogradnick, Pettingher, Ryan, Seitz, Smith, Taylor. thumbnail HMCS York : Saguenay Division, 1944. Photo of 18 recruits, one LS and one officer. All are identified by surname: Burrows, Hipwell, Johnson, Lloyd, MacNeill, McGregor, McLean, McMullen, Murphy, O'Brady, Ospreay, Perry, Rylott, Scattergood, Senyk, Sowtus, Toms, Tonkin, Wallace, Winter. Revised November 27, 2017.. thumbnail HMCS York, Amherst Division, 1944. Photo of 32 recruits plus LS Howard Buscombe, who is the only one identified. thumbnail HMCS York : Hamilton Division, 1944. Photo of 23 recruits plus S/Lt. Burrows and LS Howard Buscombe, who are the only ones identified. thumbnail HMCS York? Unknown Division. Photo of 36 recruits plus LS Howard Buscombe, who is the only one identified. thumbnail Possibly HMCS York : Naval Personnel. Photo of 48 naval personnel, including men, Wrens, POs and officers. Date and location are unknown, but probably HMCS York. LS Howard Bus­combe and LS Bill Webber are the only ones identified. Revised Nov. 27, 2017.. thumbnail HMCS York : Six Men in a Whaler. Rowing in Lake Ontario. LS Howard Buscombe is the only one identified. thumbnail HMCS Swansea, at sea. A DND photo of HMCS Swansea in the Atlantic, 1944. thumbnail On Leave in Vancouver, 1944. Daniel Morgan MacNeill at home with his parents in Vancouver, 1944.

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