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HMCS Prince Robert, 1941 - 1945.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Prince Robert.

An official photo of HMCS Prince Robert.

Royal Canadian Navy : HMCS Prince Robert.

This photo of HMCS Prince Robert was presumably taken by Jack Miller. Location is unknown.

Royal Canadian Navy : Corvette under attack.

This photo was taken from the bridge of HMCS Prince Robert, and shows a Canadian corvette under attack.

NEWS RELEASE -- H.M.C.S. "PRINCE ROBERT": Warships of the Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy escorting a large convoy to the United Kingdom, recently rode out a heavy sea bombing. The above photograph was taken from the bridge of H.M.C.S. "PRINCE ROBERT" by Lieutenant H.J. Mott, Canadian Naval Photographer, and shows a glider bomb released by a Heinkel 177 falling into the sea close to a Canadian corvette. PRINCE ROBERT, Canadian anti-aircraft cruiser, commanded by Captain A.M. Hope, R.C.N., of Halifax sailed up to the convoy on a Sunday afternoon just as 32 enemy planes, some of them carrying glider bombs, set in to attack the convoy. The planes fled after a battle that lasted nearly three hours. All ships and their escorts reached the United Kingdom safely.

Royal Canadian Navy : Unknown ship.

This is an official photo but the ship is unidentified. It looks like an armed merchant cruiser all done up in camoflage paint.

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