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DNS photos submitted by Larry Vipond.

Rescue of "Kismet II", 1955.

Rescue of 'Kismet II', 1955

Admiral congratulates the four-man crew that rescued the 21 crew members from the freighter Kismet II on November 1955 off the coast of Cape Breton Island, N.S.
Left to Right: Leading Seaman Paul Smith, Petty Officer Larry Vipond, LCdr Roger Fink, LCdr John Beeman.

Please see Awards To Canadian Navy and also Wreck of SS Kismet II -- Meat Cove for more information.

Rescue of 'Kismet II', 1955

Larry Vipond says: " Regarding our rescue mission of the crew of the freighter Kismet in 1955, here is a picture of the meeting at Shearwater with our Captain Dudley King, myself and Leading Seaman Paul Smith upon our arrival back at the Naval Air Station in Dartmouth. "

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