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Photos submitted by Larry Vipond.

Aborted Landing on HMCS Magnificent.

HMCS Magnificent

Larry Vipond says: " What you see in the attached two pictures is what happens when a pilot gets a last second wave-off to his landing on the Maggie. In those days, before the angled flight deck was developed by the Royal Navy, an aircraft on approach to the flight deck was with power off. If it got a wave-off, the pilot had to ram the throttle wide open which could create a "torque stall" which is what was going on with the Firefly in the photo. In other words, the pilot had no control over the aircraft and as you can see in the second photo, he ended up in the drink. The pilot was rescued by the escorting destroyer acting as "plane guard". Later on, helicopters were used as plane guards . . . much less expensive.

" With the invention of the angled flight deck, aircraft approach carrier landings with power on so if they have a problem or get a wave-off, the pilot simply flies on off the deck, assuming he didn't catch an arrester wire. "

HMCS Magnificent

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